Flysurfer Sonic 4

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Om man vill foila eller köra TT är detta din ”One Quiver Kite” Hos oss finns Sonic 4 10m och 15m för demo. OBS! endast för erfarna kiters…

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DLX+ Material


Constructed from state-of-the-art, lightweight materials to obtain an optimal power-to-weight ratio. The high-strength sail is a triple-ripstop 34 g/m² TX-Light, and the leading edge features a very durable 44 g/m² DLX+ fabric that protects against abrasion. All SONIC components are designed for maximum performance on any terrain. The streamlined construction ensures that the kite remains agile and highly maneuverable while maintaining peak performance.

Rigid Foil Technologie


The performance tuner is a knot ladder integrated into the C-pulley line to modify the camber of the kite. Moving the Z-Main Line affects the bar forces and performance of the kite. Shortening increases low-end power and steering/holding forces. Lengthening does the opposite, decreasing brake line tension and steering/holding power. With adjustable settings for the brake lines, power delivery, and depower, you can optimize, based on wind conditions and personal preferences, to unlock the kite’s maximum potential.

Verstärkte Konstruktion


The bridle check tool makes it easier to compare the bridle line lengths. At each level (A, B, C, Z), on each wing side of the foil kite, black markings make comparing front and back main line lengths easy (see line plan). To restore the flight characteristics, length differences between B and C levels relative to A level must be annulled by moving the rings on the mixer. To maintain performance and stability, we recommend regularly checking using the bridle check tool, if the product is used intensively.

Double Cordwise Ballooning


The PMAs are knot ladders that are sewn onto the profile in inside the foil kite. They sit on the upper and lower sail between the A and B levels. By shortening the knot ladders, the profile camber can be adjusted, which gives the foil kite more performance or stability. If a change is made, it should be made symmetrically. We recommend the help of a FLYSURFER sales partner to ensure correct settings of the Profile Momentum Adjuster.

SONIC4 6 8 10 12 15 18
Wind Range (knots) 18-45 15-38 12-33 10-26 6-21 5-19
Sweet spot (knots) 20-38 18-33 15-25 12-22 8-18 7-16

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10m, 12m, 15m, 18m, 6m, 8m