Gin Marabou 2

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Marabou 8m finns för demo

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The Gin Marabou 2 is the very first hybrid kite in the world that combines a single surface and the construction of a closed-cell kite, thereby opening up brand new perspectives. This small, versatile kite generates exceptional power, which makes it perfect for twintipping, foiling and surfing. Thanks to its incredible stability and reliability, the Marabou 2 is an intuitive, user-friendly kite.
⦁ Innovative construction
⦁ Accessible
⦁ Lightweight design

Sizes: 4M | 6M | 8M | 10M | 12M
Terrain: water 100% | snow 80% | land 70%
For an optimal use, we recommend using the Marabou 2 with our Gin bar or our Gin Foil bar, with line lengths from 17m to 19m.

The Marabou 2’s innovative hybrid construction consists of 40% closed-cell and 60% single-surface. Its new square shape with rounded tips enables you to experience an incredibly small and light kite that generates extraordinary power on twintip boards, foil boards, or surfboards.

The Marabou 2’s lightweight design makes it possible to carry the product in a small bag that weighs less than your water bottle. Regardless of the wind available, even without a single pump stroke, your session will be unforgettable. After what, the zip on the inside of the leading edge will allow you to deflate the canopy faster.

The Marabou 2 performs exceptionally well in light winds and offers astonishing stability. In fact, its depower and maneuverability will make your session easy right away, delivering power throughout the entire wind range. The closed leading edge also allows the kite to be positioned further forward of the window and gives more performance upwind.



Marabou 2 8m och Spirit 10m finns hos oss för påseende och Demo.

Marabou 2 är en stor succé och ni bara måste prova denna hybrid kite hos oss.

Spirit är Gin Kites Big air och freeride kite för Foil eller Twintip.

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Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


10m, 12m, 4m, 6m, 8m