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The versatile all-terrain Spirit is a closed-cell foil kite, making it a comfortable and durable ride-everywhere solution with easy handling and stability at low-wind and strong wind conditions. The Spirit will be your life-time adventure partner.
⦁ All conditions
⦁ Comfortable yet responsive
⦁ Lightweight design
⦁ Easy to manoeuvre

Sizes: 6M | 8M | 10M | 12M | 15M
Terrain: water 100% | snow 80% | land 75%
For an optimal use, we recommend using the Spirit with the Gin Foil bar, with line lengths from 15m to 19m.

Light and easy to handle
The components of the Spirit have been carefully selected and designed to optimize agility and reduce weight while increasing its balance in low and strong wind conditions. If you are searching for an intuitive kite, the Spirit will be your choice.

Its light construction and bar feeling allow riders to explore all types of terrains and features. The Spirit is easy to fly and has a high response to reactivity. The Spirit will allow you to stay in the air as much as you need, as it has a thrilling hangtime. This will make your airtime easier to do tricks, but it will also be easier to gybe and tack.

The Spirit offers an extended weight range for greater flexibility of use. In addition, you will not feel the wind variations while riding. The Spirit offers controlled feedback on the bar so you can ride comfortably on the water and maximize your enjoyment and performance.


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Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


10m, 12m, 15m, 6m, 8m