Stealth Bar Surf

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What about it

The Stealth bar surf is designed for riders that prefer surf and freeride. It’s equipped with 2 durable black Dyneema cords. The long rope offers extra freedom of movement and the short rope is for freeride or surf riders that prefer a fixed connection. The sizing and shape of the bar is redefined to reduce pressure points while the lever-lock system ensures easy closure and torsion control.


  • Lever lock, easy closure
  • Optimized ergonomical shape
  • Stealth Wings
  • Ultra-thin design, minimized pressure points
  • Fender-Shield: Specialized pressure distributing padding
  • Black Dyneema surfrope + ring
  • Buckle design provides maximum rope length
  • Smaller mid-rope for freeride or fixed surf


  • Fiber-Fusion composite (bar)
  • Black Dyneemaª (rope)


Lever lock, easy closure

Only set up your webbing straps once and use the lever lock to easily close and open your bar to have maximum time on the water.

Stealth Wings

Slide the Stealth Wings into the side of your harness to prevent your bar from moving up.


Smaller mid-rope for freeride or fixed surf

The surfer that prefers a fixed connection can use the smaller mid-rope

Black Dyneema surfrope + ring

The long rope offers ultimate freedom of movement for the surf free rider. The ring makes it possible for your chicken loop to easily slide from side to side.

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240mm, 280mm, 320mm