O’Neill Psychotech

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The Psychotech is built for the absolute harshest conditions and allows the user to surf for hours on end.

Warmth: 5/5
Flexibility: 4.5/5
Range: Men, Women, and Kids

Our Psychotech wetsuits are made with TB4 neoprene, our most advanced neoprene to date. The Psychotech series takes it up a notch with stitchless Seam Technology, Fluid Seam Weld to block out water, and TB4 Duraskin Air Firewall to trap and recirculate your body heat.MATERIAL: TB4 DURASKIN AIR FIREWALL (Chest / Back), TB4 FIREWALL (Thigh / Butt / Shins / Calf), TB4 (Arms / Shoulders), TB4X (Entry)

ENTRIES: F.U.Z.E. (Chest zip), Z.E.N (Back zip)

SEAM CONSTRUCTION: Stitchless Exterior Fluid Seam Weld Technology with Interior Recycled TBX Tape

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