Ozone Apex V2 Freeride Hydrofoil Board

10990 kr

OBS !! Sliding T nuts i Titan behövs då foilboxen är lite annorlunda för att passa OZONE foils. Jag rekommenderar starkt att köpa till det. https://b5watersports.se/butik/ozone/ozone-foiling/ozone-apex-v2-titanium-t-nuts/

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Light weight, low volume


The Apex V2 is a super dynamic hydrofoil board with all the stiffness, response and compact shaping needed for today’s most progressive kite foilers. It also doubles as a one-board solution for dock start pumping and tow foiling adventures

      • Freeride kite hydrofoil board
      • Also ideal for dock start and tow foiling
      • Stiff and very responsive feel
      • Light weight, low volume
      • Ultra strong construction
      • All conditions and rider levels

Epic Quality


The construction is very robust, delivering max feeling and performance while being tough for jumping and travelling. The high-density foam core is laminated with a hybrid carbon and fibreglass layup. Strong top and bottom sheets are combined with our advanced sidewall polymer to provide excellent impact resistance. The foil track is also a full carbon design.


Low Volume makes strapless starts a breeze

The Apex V2’s slim, lightweight and bulletproof construction combines perfectly with its compact dimensions and impressive stiffness, making this an ideal one board solution for a range of foiling adventures.

Light enough to run with, the Apex V2 is also immediately stable and stiff under foot as soon as you press your weight down after a dock start. You can confidently throw everything into improving your skills as the robust construction can handle the accidental contact with the dock structures that inevitably happen in this discipline.

For tow foiling the excellent stiffness will give you a super direct connection with the foil, helping you to respond with foot pressure and stay ideally positioned on steepening, rolling swells.

Wakefoilers will find the twin-tip construction exactly to their liking, and will also benefit from the light weight design and improved stiffness.

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105 x 45cm, 125 x 45cm