Ozone Zephyr v8 Ultra X

28000 kr

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Light Wind Performance

Zephyr Ultra X

Offering greater range, faster flying speeds and more reactive handling, the all-new Zephyr V8 Ultra-X further proves itself a class leading light wind freeride machine for any rider who wants to expand their time on the water, whatever their board of choice.

Years of refinement

Ultra X – 17% Lighter

The introduction of ‘Ultra-X’ lightweight materials has seen this powerful 17m kite experience a 17% weight reduction, which is crucial to its undoubtedly more sporty handling. The Zephyr V8 Ultra-X now also features more shaping detail that contributes to the cleaner overall sail profile.

Aerodynamic Performance

Ultra smooth riding

The V8 now delivers more forward drive and faster response in even lighter winds, while also offering more top end range comfort too, making it a seriously useful addition to your quiver.

Light wind specific freeride machine

Huge wind range, 6-20 knots

Now 17% lighter and more responsive with Ultra-X materials

Tight radius turning for reactive, fun sessions

Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds

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