DreamStick v2 Rea !

3990 kr

  • 4 line kitesurf bar
  • 22 + 2 = 24 meters of lines
  • Super light
  • Super thin (21mm)
  • Low V split

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Reedin Dreamstick 2021 V2 Bar

Thinnest and lightest kitesurf bar on the market with 22 +2 meter lines

A new and improved Reedin kite naturally also requires an upgraded bar! And that’s exactly what they did at Reedin. The new Reedin Dreamstick 2021 bar looks great and has got some very good upgrades.

The most striking upgrade is the new color scheme of the Reedin Dreamstick 2021 bar. There is a clear red mark on the left side of the Dreamstick 2021 so that you can see at a glance whether you are holding the bar on the right side. This way you no longer accidentally send your kite into the water.
Another great improvement is the smoother automatic ceramic swivel system. The power lines of the Dreamstick 2021 automatically spin apart because two PU lines run through the bar. The part where the lines run through has been redesigned for 2021 so that the PU lines slide through it more easily and your power lines spin apart super smoothly. The new Reedin Dreamstick 2021 bar also has new bar ends and floaters so that you can more easily roll up your lines around the Dreamstick bar.

The Reedin Dreamstick 2021 is still the lightest and thinnest kitesurf bar on the market with a diameter of only 21mm. The Dreamstick 2021 is adjustable in width from 43 to 49 centimeters, so you only need one bar for each size kite. The lines of the Reedin Dreamstick 2021 are a total of 24 meters long but are made up of a 22 with a 2 meter extention so that you can also use the Dreamstick V2 as a 22m bar. The depower system works through a clam cleat that is pulled for depower and made longer for power.

The quick release of the Reedin Dreamstick V2 2021 meets all the latest ISO standards and is therefore super safe and reliable. You simply push the QR away from you to release the kite. Reloading the QR is also very easy by pushing the end of the chicken loop back into the QR. New this year is the special chickenloop for kitesurfing with a rope on your harness, this chickenloop is available as a spare part.