Supernatural SSD

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The possibility of riding and having fun in much lighter winds than many other windsports is very exciting. We’ve been looking at how to spend even more time on the water, without compromising a wing in ease of use when it comes to handling or performance. That’s why we’re introducing the SuperNatural Short Span Design.

SuperNatural SSD has a shorter wingspan by increasing the strut length, and added side struts, which allow for a more boxed shape in the wingtips. This shape is also perfect for lightwind performance! For added ease of use, we increased the dihedral (arc) angle to keep the wingtips from touching the water. Combined with our new rigid handles, these large wings are super easy to handle, and absolute beasts in light wind performance.

That’s not everything! We all know that light winds can easily pick up, so we made sure to tune the canopy and profile so that it stays very controllable in higher windspeeds, so you don’t have to worry about switching wings, and can keep on riding and focus on what you love doing.

Rigid handles. Featuring an oval section giving you perfect control of the roll of the wing, allowing to precisely position your wing in all situations.
Vertical tension seams. Engineered to take most the load, to relieve the canopy. Providing a wing that is more direct, session after session.
Tensioned Canopy. For a direct feel with instant response, and amazingly stable in freefly.
Triple layer LE. The center LE section features three carefully positioned layers of dacron,
providing the most rigid Leading Edge possible, making it so direct and repsonsive, while adding extra durability.


Wind range estimated for a 75kg (165lbs) rider on an 88L board with a 1280 foil.

Size 6.0m 7.2m 8.2m
Windrange (kts) 9-22 8-20 6-15
Aspect ratio 2,15 2,125 2,1
Projected Wingspan (m) 3,5 3,75 3,95
Chord (m) 2,1 2,33 2,55
Arc angle (deg) 17 17,75 18

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6,0m2, 7.2, 8.2