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SuperNatural is extremely versatile. It’ll let you start your wingfoiling journey, all through to riding waves, jumping massive, pulling tricks, and go for speed runs with your friends.

We’ve focused on making SuperNatural very efficient. To achieve this, we improved our unique Triple layer LE construction, making it lighter while focusing even more stiffness in key zones of the center of the Leading Edge where most of the efforts are concentrated. The stiffness will amaze you instantly right from the first pumps.
We designed the profile using our new and unique 100% vertical seams. This means that the vertical seams now run all the way to the very front of the wing to avoid any shear transversal load on any seam. This translates into a much stiffer canopy. The stiffness makes for a very direct and tight wing in your hands when riding and ensures much longer longevity.
The tensioned canopy throughout the wing provides a very direct response and also minimizes flutter when sheeted out, or riding free-fly for unseen stability allowing you to focus 100% on your riding.

Rigid handles. Featuring an oval section giving you perfect control of the roll of the wing, allowing to precisely position your wing in all situations.
Vertical tension seams. Engineered to take most the load, to relieve the canopy. Providing a wing that is more direct, session after session.
Tensioned Canopy. For a direct feel with instant response, and amazingly stable in freefly.
Triple layer LE. The center LE section features three carefully positioned layers of dacron,
providing the most rigid Leading Edge possible, making it so direct and repsonsive, while adding extra durability.

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