Reedin Supermodel HTF

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HTF: Hybrid Torsion Frame

HTF comes from analyzing how kites turn, and then using a combination of two different materials. Each with different characteristics, placed on sections of the frame where they fulfill different needs.

Stiff dacron

The center of the leading edge is made out of stiff dacron that has proven its stiffness for decades. By using it for the center section of the LE, SuperModel HTF kite keeps enormous stiffness and rigidity right where you want it, to keep it stable and prevent any collapsing in extremely overpowered conditions.


Our new FlexLite is made of a thinner, tighter yarn, that reacts quicker to pull and compression that happens in the material when a kite is steered. We’ve placed it on the sections of the frame that are key to making a kite turn.

Turning is key

When you steer your kite, torsion starts at the wing tip and propagates to the entire kite and Leading Edge. HTF is the result of analyzing how kites turn, and using our purposefully tuned FLEXLITE in those key areas. This allows for a much quicker response to steering input.


The second part of HTF is using FlexLite to build SuperModel’s struts. They allow the entire canopy to twist easier, translating your bar input straight into the canopy.


This makes SUPERMODEL HTF more responsive, turn faster, and have an even better finishing of the turns.

You will jump higher, and pull easier kiteloops with more confidence. It re-directs quicker while wave-riding, and generates more power in underpowered conditions. It truly benefits every aspect of kiting.

Reedin Supermodel  Wind range in knots
4m: 30+, 5m: 26+, 6m: 25+, 7m: 20>40, 8m:18>35, 9m:15>30, 10m:12>28, 11m: 11>25, 12m: 10>23, 14m: 7>19
Wind range based on 75kg rider using a 137cm Twin Tip board

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10m, 11m, 12m, 14m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m


Black, Blue, Grey