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Any conditions, all disciplines, SUPERMODEL DOES IT.


SUPERMODEL excels in every discipline. With consistent power through turns and precise control, it’s the easiest, most intuitive do-it-all kite in the skies. Now with extreme weight savings, an entirely new 12-point bridle system, and Hybrid Torsion Frame 2, SUPERMODEL is ready to take you to new heights.


Supermodel Does it

Any discipline, all conditions

If your biggest love is to blast around on a twin-tip sending it big, whether you’re already pulling kite loops, or are serious about learning them, the Supermodel HTF 2 is for you.

What’s new

We’ve taken SUPERMODEL to an entirely new level once again

SUPERMODEL has gotten massive upgrades. We’ve put it on a diet, shaving off up to an incredible 550 grams, completely reworked the bridles from an 8-point to a 12-point system, and we’re introducing HTF2.

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