Reedin Hypermodel Aluula

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Hypermodel 10m Finns för demo hos oss, ”vi slår alla priser du kan hitta.”

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HYPERMODEL is for those seeking the
highest performance. The boundary pushers, the fearless, the demanding.
Engrained with SUPERMODEL DNA, hypercharged with ALUULA. Lighter and stronger with a thinner LE for instant response, means faster, tighter loops that catch much earlier, giving you glide for days to land your single or multiple loop variations with ease. Incredible low-end, insane drift capabilities and rocksteady top-end stability makes HYPERMODEL the most versatile hyperformance do-it-all kite in the skies.

Kevin Langeree says, “It’s like a SUPERMODEL on steroids! HYPERMODEL does everything faster. You’ll go higher, further, quicker, while keeping the versatility to handle everything you throw at it. I’m so psyched about the new possibilities this kite opens up.”

Wind range

Being up to 25% lighter than a SuperModel HTF, HYPERMODEL brings incredible light-wind performance. On the other end of the spectrum, the stiffness of HYPERMODEL’s frame makes it handle the most extreme conditions with ease.


Generating more apparent wind, means you can choose a smaller kite in lighter winds. You’ll love the drift, quick precise turning, and won’t worry about front-stalls.

Boost and hangtime

HYPERMODEL is so much faster, its speed generates significantly more apparent wind. You’ll be amazed at how it shoots you up in the sky, generating smooth power in your heli- and down-loops to glide you down softly.

Insane progression

Having a faster kite means you can practice tricks in lighter winds, making it much safer to progress. Keep your board off longer, loop more confidently, and stick those landings with ease.


Improved drift gives a very consistent line tension allowing you to line up more turns and hit more sections than ever before.


Thanks to its SUPERMODEL DNA, the flight characteristics will instantly boost your confidence. It’s stable, predictable, and gives superb bar-feedback. It’s like an extension of your body.

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