Feather Boards

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Brädor upp till 102L är Pro Construction. Brädor från 118L och upp är Normal Construction

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Streamlined agility, maximum fun

Feather boards have been designed with one simple objective: to be as easy and fun as possible. To achieve this goal we focused on keeping only the absolute minimum necessary on the board, that means the boards are as short as possible, while having as much volume as possible. You get the floatation for low speed starts while having minimal swing weight when riding for easy turns.



Key points

All new shapes
New for this year, we’ve made feather longer and narrower to make them easier to ride and more forgiving, while keeping them stable on the water. This shape makes them glide through the water easily, and the increased rocker makes it more forgiving on touchdowns and easier to ride in choppy conditions.

Unique shapes per size
Our Feather range covers everything from 20L to 138L and between. As sizes change, so do the disciplines they will be used for. That’s why every single Feather size has a unique shape, carefully designed to  give you the best characteristics possible.

Earlier take-offs
By making the boards longer and narrower, there is less water displacement, meaning you will have more speed when still on the water, and accelerate faster when starting to pump.

Extremely strong
Our boards are extremely strong. Sizes 20L – 102L are made with a high-density XPS core. The 118L and 138L are made with a lighter weight, strong EPS core.

Balanced foil position
We’ve rebalanced the foil position, giving you a more centered stance on the board. This way, you barely feel the extra length we added, and experience minimal swing-weight.

A carefully tuned rocker in the smaller sizes makes for forgiving touchdowns and easier paddling when kitefoiling, surf-foiling, and winging.


Volume     Size
20L             3’8” x 18” x 2”
40L             4’5” x 20”1/2 x 2”7/8
60L             4’7” x 23” x 3”13/16
75L             4’10” x 25” x 4”7/16
88L             5’3” x 24”3/4 x 4”3/4
102L           5’8” x 26”1/2 x 4”11/16
118L            6’3” x 27” x 4”15/16
138L            6’6” x 28.5” x 5”3/16

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